Car, Bus, Truck Accidents

Police should be Called to Assist in gathering important insurance and factual information about the collision and its cause.  

Pedestrians hit by Auto

Insurance for the vehicle causing the Injury may be Inadequate to compensate the Pedestrian and an Attorney Will seek other sources of funds.

Bicycle, Motorcycle, Boat Accidents

Immediate, accurate, and thorough collection of evidence after the Accident Will Greatly Assist the Attorney in presenting the Claim. 

Road Condition Accidents

There are accidents caused fully, or, partially by the road conditions for which compensation can be collected.

Dangerous Premises (Private, Public, Business)

California law requires property owners to exercise reasonable care in the management of his/her property to prevent injury to others. 

Private Homes

Accidents Can Occur at Private Homes when a Person is a Guest or Hired to Perform Work on the Home, or, in the Home and insurance coverage must be researched.